Katerina Kaleta
Available for work
Hi! I’m Kat
UX designer
Product design
Design system
I take customers’ needs and architect the entire user experience around them
I'm also passionate about ensuring that brands maintain a consistent look and feel across all their products. That's why I've spent years of my career focusing on developing and maintaining design systems, which involves everything from conceptualization to design to working with people and transforming the company’s work culture.
Product design work
I focus on creating user-friendly experiences that combine creativity with functionality, transforming complex ideas into intuitive, visually appealing designs
Design system work
I had the opportunity to assist companies in creating design systems from scratch, expanding them to different platforms, and facilitating their integration into the company's culture
in Design Tokens
Capping off the 'How We Document' series by Zeroheight, we delve into design tokens, one of the most popular and evolving aspects of design systems
Senior Product Designer, Design System
Outside Work
I lived music for most of my life
I’ve got a bachelor's degree in music, specializing in piano and conducting. It’s been a great start to my creative journey.
Aerial Yoga to fly my stress away
Aerial yoga is my go-to for fitness and relaxation.
Mindset of an explorer
I love experiencing different cultures. Every new place brings unique knowledge and sometimes changes my perspective on the world a little bit.
Somewhat accidental polyglot
I have lived in many countries and had to adapt quickly to difficult situations. One of the unintended consequences is that I’m fluent in five languages and on my way to learning a sixth.
I’m a fledgling mentor of design to students
I don’t want to oversell it since I don’t feel like a fish in water as a mentor, but I have made my first strides towards teaching people design.
There’s no food I won’t try
I’m a big food lover, especially when it comes to Asian cuisine and seafood.
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