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Hi, I'm Kat.

Product designer

Design Systems

From idea through implementation to real product, I design and build things. I take customers’ needs and architect the entire user experience around them, followed by creation of wireframes and visual mockups to evaluate potential workflow. Next in the process is designing final visual assets to make the product look great.

However my passion for design goes one step further. I love how brands use consistent design language throughout their products therefore in recent years I became committed to helping make it happen by working on design systems. Development and maintenance of the design system spans everything from conceptualization through design and ending on changing the company’s work culture which are all the steps I enjoy to take.



sprint rebranding thumbnail.png

Code Event editor design

My Role

Entire end-to-end design process

Boutiques Collection Experience

My Role

Entire end-to-end design process

Rebranding project

My Role

Develop usage guidelines and create a visual language for the existing and merger Sprint pages 

PerspectiveHong Kong.png

Veterans United website redesign

My Role

Redesign the website, improve user experience

Onboarding flow

My Role

Research, wireframes, user testing, final design 

Music Rhythm app

My Role

Research, foundations, UX design, visual design

Design System Projects

assest_main_hand+bg1 copy.png

Design System case studies 

My Role

Creating design systems from the ground up, expanding it to various platforms, as well as facilitating its integration into the firms' culture

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