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Redesign of Music School Website

As part of my design class, I was tasked with identifying poorly designed website and redesigning it to make it useful and beautiful at the same time. 


I found a music school website in the valley which looked dated and had confusing navigation tree. 


The main goal of the redesign was to simplify convoluted navigation and allow students to find needed information as quickly as possible.


User Persona

Prior to designing new navigation and look of the website, I needed to understand the audience. I divided them into two separate buckets: 


  • primary audience is parents who are looking to enroll their children in the music school. 


  • secondary audience is current students who are looking for schedule information as well as exam dates.


Site Map

After the content of the page was understood by me, I was able to sketch a new navigation map.



Website pages


Home page.


Color Palette

I used modern and clear colors to represent most of the content presented on the website. A great addition to the palette was a highly visible orange color in order to catch attention for the most important elements on the page. 



Since clarity was an important tentpole of the redesign, I looked for a neutral font.

I chose Helvetica because it is the most widely used and neutral sans-serif typeface.



The content contained on the website is probably best consumed by a device with fairly large screen i.e. desktop computer, laptop or a tablet.

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